Jack is an English (EFL) teacher who strayed into materials development about 15 years ago. He started teaching as a volunteer in India in 1998 and hasn’t really stopped since. He has taught in different countries for private language schools and education foundations including International House and the British Council.

He has been managing the Premier Skills English website for the British Council and Premier League since 2011 and has developed web, print, video and audio resources.

He lives in Ludlow in Shropshire with Anita and their two sons.

Anita is from Semarang in Indonesia and started teaching English while she was still at school. When she was at university, she paid for her studies by working as an Early Years teacher in a small international school.

When she graduated, she moved to Jakarta to work for a large international school and was deputy to the principal of a brand new primary school as it was being built and opened.

She taught Early Years and KS1 in international schools in Cairo and Colombo before returning to Jakarta.

In 2013, she moved to the UK and has been working on digital learning materials and looking after their 2 sons.